Town of Orchard Park street lights being converted to LED

20 Mar.,2023


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NYSEG working to change over 1,400 street lights that, when installed, will use 50% less engery.

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. — More light, less energy is behind a move by NYSEG to convert 1,400 street lights in the Town of Orchard Park to more efficient LED. 

The new lights are part of a broader effort by the utility to replace the old 'cobra head' style lights along 210 streets within the town.

The LED lights are more efficient and use 50% less energy, allowing the town to save some money. "We’re very pleased to announce the start of an energy and cost savings project to upgrade our street lights to LED fixtures,” said Wayne Bieler, Orchard Park Town Engineer. “This project will save dollars, save energy and promote a green environmental practice in Orchard Park for years to come.”

NYSEG says the project modernizes the streetscape and brings more direct lighting to the road. The work is expected to be completed by the end of October. Lights in the Village of Orchard Park were changed over to LED earlier this year. 

“These conversion projects happening across the state will increase reliability, improve efficiency, and provide potential cost savings for municipalities,” said Mark Stifter, Key Account Manager at NYSEG. “It’s a true collaboration with local municipalities. We’re grateful to the town of Orchard Park for their initiative and collaboration to make this project a reality and are excited to bring new LED lighting systems to residents.”

NYSEG advises drivers that minor and temporary traffic delays might take place in areas where the conversion work is currently taking place and ask them to use caution when approaching and driving through a work zone.

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