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07 Jan.,2023


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Add a unique look to your space by replacing regular light bulbs with vintage light bulbs. Shop Ace Hardware for a variety of LED Edison bulbs, filament bulbs and antique light bulbs. Learn about the different uses and shapes of common vintage LED bulbs to find the best options for you.

What are Antique Light Bulbs?

From coffee shops and restaurants to home kitchens and living rooms, antique LED bulbs offer an ideal way to add a classic, vintage atmosphere to any space. Because they emit a warm and subtle color temperature, these light bulbs are designed for use as a decorative lighting option as opposed to general overhead lighting.

How Bright are Vintage LED Bulbs?

Edison-style LED bulbs typically have lower lumen outputs than most traditional light bulbs used in commercial or household fixtures. Most lighting used in residential or commercial establishments emits a warm white light with a 2700K or greater color temperature. Different styles of LED Edison bulbs and antique light bulbs emit modest hues ranging from 1800K to 2400K. For that reason, vintage LED bulbs are not intended to serve as the main source of illumination for a space. They work best as accent lighting throughout the room or area. 

Edison-Style Light Bulb Construction

The popularity of LED Edison bulbs lies mainly in their attractive retro style. Besides their beautiful candlelight color, retro LED bulbs are designed with a notable interior swirling pattern that lends a handcrafted feel to any light fixture. Many antique light bulbs also have an amber tint that adds a touch of glamor to spaces that don't require bright overhead lighting.

Common Vintage LED Bulb Styles

If you want a bulb that demands to be seen, antique LED bulbs capture the warmth and ambiance of traditional bulbs from the 1900s with the added perk of energy efficiency. Here's a breakdown of the most popular styles of antique light bulbs:

  • Edison-Style Light Bulbs: Designed with an oblong shape, LED Edison bulbs are one of the most recognizable styles of antique light bulbs. They usually have a medium E26 base.
  • Victorian Bulbs: Shaped like common A19 household bulbs, these bulbs are often designed with an E12 or E26 base that allows for easy installation in standard bulb sockets. 
  • Vintage Candelabra Light Bulbs: These bulbs emit a subtle warm glow suitable for use in entryway chandeliers or wall sconces. Vintage candelabra light bulbs are usually tapered at the end with an E12 base. 
  • Globe Bulbs: With their round, ball-like shape, these bulbs are often installed in exposed, pendant or clear light fixtures. Globe bulbs are available in a variety of sizes ranging from G8 to G40.
  • Filament Bulbs: Another name commonly used for Edison-style LED bulbs, these bulbs are designed to resemble the look of the original Edison bulb created over 100 years ago. The light emitted from filament bulbs is produced by LED wires or threads inside the bulbs that instantly light up once they're turned on. 

Shop for Vintage LED Light Bulbs Now

If you love a turn-of-the-century design aesthetic, upgrade your regular bulbs with vintage LED light bulbs. Shop Ace Hardware's collection of antique light bulbs and filament bulbs online or in-store now. 

Looking for a practical way to add a personalized touch to different spaces throughout your home? Explore our array of DIY bulb fixture options to create your own lighting fixtures with vintage bulbs.